Yngve Biography

Born and raised in Athens, I started listening to metal in 1994 and one year later, I started playing the drums. Having as my greatest influence Metallica's Lars Ulrich, I tried to "create" my own style which throughout the years I kind of perfected it but always updating it as time passes.

My musical journey as a drummer, began with my first ever demo recording in 1998 with C.L.G, playing a hybrid of hard rock and heavy metal, or heavy rock as many people call it. Up to this day, I have been a part of more than 50 recordings, including demos, EPs and full length albums as a full member or as a session, plus many one-off live performances in Greece and abroad and 3 tours, in Russia with Memorain (2014), in the UK with W.E.B. (2014) and in Europe with Drauggard (2018).