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Endorsement with Nologo Picks
NoLogo Picks
NoLogo Picks

Check out those beauties! We just received them from Nologo picks and we are super excited to be endorsed by them!

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Release date for the split EP with Morgenröthe announced

We can finally give you the release date for our upcoming split EP with Morgenröthe, titled "Morna / Possenspiel".
It will be released on digipak CD format, as always by Drakkar Productions & Mailorder (Official) and the release date is set for the 4th of June.
Also we opened the pre-orders, so follow our bandcamp link and order your copy
Drama Noir
Watch the first lyric video from the split EP split EP with Morgenröthe, for the song "Invaders from the North"

We are very happy to give you the first song from our upcoming split EP with Morgenröthe "Morna / Possenspiel", titled "Invaders from the North", in the form of a lyric video.
Cover artwork title for upcoming split EP with Morgenröthe reveiled

We are very excited and happy, as we can reveal to you, the cover artwork of our new upcoming split EP, along with the German band Morgenröthe, titled "Morna / Possenspiel".
It will be released by Drakkar Productions in CD format (release date to be announced soon). The whole artwork, is once again created by Nikos Tsiolis Artworks and again, we are amazed by his excellent work!
Princess Airam
First our of print album "Princess Airam" is re-released

After our first full length album "Princess Airam" was sold out, we decided that it was time for a re-issue, of course by Drakkar Productions. The album was re-released with a completely new artwork (created of course by Nikos Tsiolis) on digipak CD format, limited to 200 copies.
Nyctelios parts
Nyctelios parts ways with Drama Noir, Yngve will handle drums and vocals

As we said before, a new chapter has began for Drama Noir and sometimes, with new things coming, some changes must be done.
With that being said, we announce Nyctelios' departure in order for him to focus on his own band, Synteleia. We thank him for everything he did during his time with us and wish him all the success with his band. From now on, the vocals for the recordings will be handled by our drummer Yngve and you can be sure that the new songs will be something to remember.
Stay tuned to our page and our social media, as we are about to announce some very cool news.
Drama Noir
Tape format of "A Necromancy Lore" out now

After some waiting, the tape format of our second album "A Necromancy Lore" is finally released by the Polish Fallen Temple in 2 editions, red and black tape.
Drama Noir

Second album "A Necromancy Lore" is released

At last, today is the day! Our second album "A Necromacy Lore", is officially released on digipak CD and gatefold LP formats! Soon we will announce the release of the tape format also, so stay tuned!
Drama Noir
First animated video revealed
Here it is people!!!

We are very happy and proud, to be able to present to you the animated video for the song "Luminous Seduction", from our 2nd upcoming full length album, "A Necromancy Lore". The album is soon to be released on digipak CD and gatefold LP formats, by Drakkar Productions. Artwork by Nikos Tsiolis Artworks
39 custom guitars
Deal with instrument service center

We must show some love and respect to our instruments. Without them there is no music to begin with. With that being said, we must choose carefully who will be taking care of them and we found the best one! 39 custom guitars will be the one from now on and we are now sure that all our guitars and basses are in the best hands possible.
Fallen Temple
Fallen Temple

We are deeply honored to announce another deal for "A Necromancy Lore" album. The Polish underground label Fallen Temple will produce the tape release of the album in 150 copies for all of you cassette collectors and band followers! Soon more info on release date. Stay with us!




Mephisto endorsed by Solar guitars



Solar Guitars



We are very happy and proud to announce, that Mephisto is endorsed by Solar Guitars!

"I am using Solar's V1.6BD ARTIST LTD guitar since May of 2019 and I can honestly say, that it is one of the best guitars I have ever played my hands on, if not THE best. I have recorded my band's upcoming album with this guitar exclusively and I am super excited and satisfied, regarding the sound and the final result. I am very happy to be able to collaborate with a company that is solid, trustworthy and standing out in the variety of instrumental manufacturers out there. The best are yet to come!", Mephisto quoted.

Stay tuned for more news and updates very soon!

Drakkar Productions & Mailorder



We are thrilled to announce the signing of a contract with the emblematic Drakkar Productions & Mailorder (Official) for the upcoming release of our 2nd full-length album, “A Necromancy Lore”.We are deeply honored to be a member of such a potent and historic label, founded back in 1994 and having collaborated with great bands and artists through all those years. The release is scheduled for CD digipak and for LP Vinyl format, both within this year. We really thank Cyril Mendre for his great offer and acknowledgment!

A new phase for Drama Noir has just started...

Drama Noir

Double click to editOur new album is finally ready and of course we are super excited! Savvas Betinis did an excellent job and we cannot wait for all of you to listen to it. The final mastering for Drama Noir’s new album is completed! Touching -4db without peaking is awesome. “A Necromancy Lore” is done and all I can say is thank you to Drama Noir for trusting me in working on their album. Savvas Betinis


After many years as a guitarist and a bassist, Mephisto and Peisithanatos, signed a deal and are as of now endorsed by Bulk Strings.The result of this collaboration, will soon be heard, through our upcoming second album, “A Necromancy Lore”

Drama Noir

We have the pleasure to present to you, the cover artwork and the title of our upcoming 2nd album which will be titled A Necromancy Lore. The artwork is created by Nikos Tsiolis (Nikos Tsiolis Artworks), who also created aour new logo. At the moment, the album is in the mixing/mastering process, by Savvas Betinis (Acid Death) at S.I.A. Recordings studios.

Drama Noir

Not a long time after our new front man was announced, we are very pleased to be able to reveal to you, our new logo. Created by Nikos Tsiolis (Nikos Tsiolis Artworks), it fully represents the direction and the path that Drama Noir are going to follow. New lineup, new logo and a new era is about to begin!


We are very happy to announce Nyctelios as the band's new lead singer. Known as Synteleia's front man, it is sure that Nyctelios will not disappoint with his singing abilities and we are already anxious to begin recording our 2nd full length album, in a more Black Metal orientation...Welcome!


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A Necromancy Lore
A Necromancy Lore

upcoming 2nd album
Princess Airam

First full album of Drama Noir
The Forgotten Warrior
The Forgotten Warrior

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