Drama Noir is a symphonic blackened death metal band from Greece. The band was formed in 2017 by Mephisto (ex-Disharmony) and in 2018, with the help of Yngve (Flames, Gungnir, ex-W.E.B.) on drums as a session member, they recorded the band’s first single, "A Forgotten Warrior". Almost immediately, Yngve became a full member and the band released its first full length album "Princess Airam". Almost right after the album’s release and without losing time, Peisithanatos joined on bass and Nyctelios (Synteleia) on vocals.

In 2019 the band started recording its 2nd album, "A Necromancy Lore", which was mixed and engineered by Savvas Betinis (Acid Death) at S.I.A. Recordings. The mastering for the CD format was also done by Savvas Betinis, while the mastering for the LP format, was done by Achilleas Kalantzis (Varathron), at Suncord Audiolab studios.

During May of 2020, the band signed a deal with the French label Drakkar Productions, regarding this new album, which was released on digipak CD and gatefold LP formats, on the 31st of August. Almost at the same time, another deal was signed, this time with the Polish label Fallen Temple and the tape format of the album was released in red and black tape.

In November of the same year, Drakkar Productions, have also reissued the band's first, out of print, full length album, in limited digipak CD format.

In 2021, Nyctelios and Drama Noir parted ways, Yngve took the role of singer, along with the drums and the band recorded their new songs for the split EP with the German band Morgenröthe, titled “Morna / Possenspiel”. The EP was released on the 4th of June once again by Drakkar Productions while at the same time, the band began working on its 3rd full length album. Within the same year, just before the recordings of the upcoming album would begin, Vampyrpriest joined the band on guitar and not long after him, Tenevris also joined on vocals. The upcoming album’s mixing and mastering was handled by Psychon (Septicflesh) at SoundAbuse Productions.

Drama Noir signed a deal with the Greek label Floga Records, and the 3rd full length album “Nightfall upon the Asylum” was released on the 3rd of May. In the meantime, just before the album was out, they have released the first single (released on December 16th, 2022), titled “Risen to Avenge” on bandcamp and all the digital platforms as well as the song’s lyric video, the lyric video of the song “The Quest of the Unknown Kaddath” also on bandcamp and all the digital platforms and the video clip for the album’s title track “Nightfall upon the Asylum”.